Unoia Tech is an emerging IT outsourcing company that provides enterprise solutions to organizations all over the world. It is the culmination of more than a decade’s worth of experience and knowledge in the industry. Team Unoia has garnered considerable experience and established a reputation as one of stalwarts of the IT industry.

What makes us unique, are the people that constitute us.

Our team, handpicked from among the best in the business, comprises of people who are driven towards achieving excellence. People, who are not just good at their jobs but are capable of instantly adapting and aligning to the client’s vision.

Our team boasts of a potent blend – the tempered experience of the veterans and the exuberant innovation of youth. A tried and tested concoction that has helped expand the business potential of Small Enterprises and Multinational Corporations alike. We pride ourselves in having served our clients, different and varied though their needs and demands may have been, with exceptional integrity and sincerity.

At Unoia Tech we have taken a long hard look at the existing service providers and carefully examined all the problems that arise before, after and during a project development for a client.

We have tried to categorically remove all the obstacles that come up during the transition from the initial demand to the final product.

It has been a long and arduous process but it has been well worth the effort to provide our clients with a uniquely satisfying experience.

At Unoia Tech, we ensure, not only that your vision gets transformed into concrete form but also that the ensuing process is carried out as efficiently as possible and that the final products enables maximum return on investment (ROI) for our clients.